BATGO, Inc. objectives are:

  •  To provide unconditional care to the youth placed in our foster homes.

  • To assist youth in developing coping strategies to decrease the instances of angry outburst.

  • To assist in building self-esteem and feelings of self worth in our youths.

  • To assist older youths in developing life skills necessary to becoming self-sufficient.

  • To assist youth in developing positive/healthy peer and adult relationships.

  •  To decrease the incidence of truancy.

  • To decrease the incidence of AWOL behavior.


Community based program that provides therapeutic services to youths ages 10 to 20 who have been emotionally traumatized. Youth are referred from the Maryland Departments of Social Services.

PROGRAM INFORMATION BATGO, Inc. is a Child Placement/ Treatment Foster Care Agency. BATGO, Inc. has provided services to youth since 1997. BATGO, Inc. strives to place youths in Treatment Foster Homes best suited to their personal, social, and psychological needs. BATGO, Inc.’s comprehensive program provides highly trained and dedicated staff and Treatment Foster Parents. Our Treatment Foster Parents provide daily supervision and structure to each youth by appropriate role modeling.

MISSION STATEMENT: The Baltimore Adolescent Treatment and Guidance Organization, Inc. (BATGO, Inc.) will create an environment that supports and promotes each youth’s strengths and to enable them to acquire the interpersonal and technical skills that will empower them to succeed.

VISION STATEMENT: That youth entering therapeutic foster care should have a nurturing, stable, and positive family experience

Baltimore Adolescent Treatment and Guidance Organization, Inc.
(BATGO, Inc.)

Established in 1997

"Making the Difference in the Life of  Youths

Makes a Difference in our Community"